Aquaman will be a fun movie; says, director


DC has a reputation for being somber. You just have to look at their last movie Batman vs. Superman. Suffice the amazing effects the movie still had a subtle performance.

The report is that people think DC is too dark. "The Dark Knight" "The Dark Knight Rises" these are all movie titles associated with the Universe. But on the other end, Marvel may not have the character-loyalty that Superman or Batman has but more people still appreciate their movies.

It appears that DC has learned their lesson and decided to make Aquaman a fun movie rather than a twisted one.

Director Will Beall seemed upbeat about the film, insisting that he is really excited about the movie. He even went as far as insinuating that the movie will blow the audience minds away.

"It's going to be fun; it's going to be really fun," Will Beall said. "What we've come up with and [director James Wan] especially--he has a really clear idea of the tone he's going to have, and I think Aqua man is one that's going to blow people's minds. Not just visually, but I think the story and the scope of it are really great."

He did not mention anything about wonder woman a movie that is set to come out a little earlier than Aqua man. He did, however, mention that The Justice League will be a fantastic film. It will combine all the previous movies, including the Aquaman and Wonder Woman



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