Kid Rock announces Senate run


Rock-rap musician Kid Rock tweeted Wednesday afternoon that the rumors are true: He really is running for Senate in 2018.

Rock-rap musician Kid Rock tweeted Wednesday afternoon that the rumors are true: He really is running for Senate in 2018. He followed up with a tweet telling viewers to "stay tuned" as he would have "a major announcement in the near future."

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Richie, is launching a campaign to run in his home state of Michigan. This would pit him against either of two Democratic incumbents, senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters.
Kid Rock added the link to an official campaign website,, to one of the tweets. The site doesn't display much just yet, other than a photo of the musician lounging next to a stuffed deer and a banner that reads "Are you scared?" Another square box flashes a series of alternating messages, such as "Welcome to the party" and "You've never met a politician like me."

The site doesn't divulge any policy platform. But it is safe to say that Kid Rock will run as a conservative Republican. He has endorsed and performed for Republican presidential candidates from George W. Bush in the early 2000s to Ben Carson and later Donald Trump in last year's election.

He also performed at the Republican National Convention last year. And in April, he joined Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin on a visit to the White House, where they tweeted a group photo in which they posed mockingly around a portrait of Hillary Clinton.

Kid Rock's announcement follows less than a week after former wrestler and action-movie star Duane "The Rock" Johnson was in the news over speculations that he might run for president. A fan had launched a Run the Rock 2020 campaign and filed it with the Federal Election Commission



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