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About Us

Here at Celebitr, we aim to provide our readers with the best entertainment news on the web. Reporting on movies, television, video games, and pop culture Celebitr is the go-to source for today's plugged-in generation. Our engaging content is read around the country. Founded in 2015, Celebitr is currently owned and operated by Capital Communications.

All editorial content is the opinion of the author, and represents the point of view of that individual writer rather than Celebitr or Capital Communications as a company. At times, Celebitr writers are invited to speak in a professional capacity on television, live streaming, radio, at conferences, or at other events. Such appearances should not be considered endorsements, and any opinions stated are those of the individual.

Occasionally, companies may host us at events in order to demonstrate their products and services; Celebitr will not agree to provide coverage in return for attending an event. Similarly, companies are given no editorial control over content subsequently published, though Celebitr will at times later make corrections and addendum to factual errors based on their feedback.

Companies may provide us with products on a loan basis for us, and which are returned following the assessment period. Supply of such a sample does not mean that Celebitr agrees to provide a review or other coverage. Occasionally, if companies or their PR representation do not require the return of an item, it is given away or discarded.

On some occasions, access to such products or services is made prior to general public availability, usually under a given embargo after which point we can publish a review or other content. Being party to such briefings does not guarantee that we will cover that product or service, or color the tone of any coverage.The duration of loan periods varies depending on the nature of the coverage. Many items are returned following the review’s publication. Some, however, are retained for longer periods with the agreement of the company and the editor, if it is deemed valuable for comparison purposes with other similar products (for instance, comparing smartphones by different manufacturers). Regardless of the loan period, the device remains the property of the company or its PR representatives.

Advertising is used on Celebitr to cover operational costs. Advertisers do not have input on editorial content, or whether products they produce – or which are related to such products – are covered and in what way.