Ariana Grande fires back at fans over relationship judgement

Posted on FEB 23, 2019

"I'm over it," Grande wrote on Instagram.

Ariana Grande has had enough of her fans questioning her whirlwind romance withSaturday Night Livestar Pete Davidson, according to Yahoo News.

"It ends now," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Everything is so beautiful right now. I'm over it."
She also asked fans to be as kind and supportive to each other while commenting on her accounts and to show her and Davidson the same courtesy when discussing their relationship.

Fans took the critique in stride, taking to Twitter to commend Grande for responding to the drama in a calm and straightforward manner.

Grande also explained her reasoning behind including the sample "You wouldn't let anybody speak and instead" in her song "The Light is Coming." The clip, which is from a 2009 town hall meeting about privatizing health insurance, is meant to address people whose loud opinions make them "deaf to others and the light," Grande said in a tweet.

Grande and Davidson began dating shortly after she ended her two-year relationship with rapper Mac Miller and Davidson broke up with Cazzie David. The pair were engaged within a matter of weeks after news of their relationship broke and even have matching tattoos already