Bella Thorne accused of copying beauty brand

Posted on JAN 07, 2019

The collections look strangely similar to palettes from Juvia's Place, which is owned by Chichi Eburu.

Bella Thorne's new eye shadow collection has been accused of copying the black woman-owned Juvia's Place palettes, according to Jezebel.

Thorne's brand, Filthy Fangs, launched two eye shadow palettes in August. The Ocean Drive palette retails for $50 and the South Beach palette retails for $60, with each containing nine shades. Makeup enthusiasts noted how small a number that is for the price: Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics palettes contain 14 shades for $44, and Rihanna's Fenty Beauty palettes contain $16 colors for $59.
Fans quickly noted a second problem: the collections look strangely similar to palettes from Juvia's Place, which sell for $20. The company is owned by Chichi Eburu, whose African heritage significantly influenced the brand.

"I bet u we have the same manufacturer," Thorne tweeted in response to the controversy. "I'm suppose to look up every pallet ever made? How dare some1 else have a purple that looks like mine."

A representative from Juvia's Place also shared a statement on the situation, saying that the brand was not affiliated with Thorne's.

"Yes we are aware of the painful and awkward similarities," the statement reads. "It's obvious they have done little to no research or they have bluntly stolen our concept which is unacceptable. We believe in originality and the brand you have mentioned lacks that."

Thorne launched her Filthy Fangs brand in March 2018. In addition to makeup, the company sells clothing, underwear, and lighters. The brand also has a record label component, which has released several of Thorne's own songs