Demi Moore becomes victim of credit card faud

Posted on NOV 30, 2018

Demi Moore's credit card was used to make at least $169,000 in unauthorized purchases.

Demi Moore's credit card was used to make at least $169,000 in unauthorized purchases, according to E! News.

David Matthew Read allegedly used Moore's American Express card to make purchases from online stores and stores in the Los Angeles area, including Nordstrom locations and Saks Fifth Avenue, where he spent about $16 thousand in one visit, according to court documents.
The suspect was caught on surveillance video from several retailers while making purchases.

According to a criminal complaint, Read admitted to obtaining the credit card by reporting it stolen in March and personally picking up the new one when it was delivered through FedEx. Moore and her personal assistant say that neither one of them reported any of Moore's credit cards as stolen before learning of Read's shopping spree.

Moore's assistant called American Express in March to report questionable activity with the credit card, launching the investigation.

A Nordstrom loss prevention investigator told prosecutors that Read used a Chase debit card under his real name to pay off a balance on some transactions, and Read was subsequently arrested outside of a storage unit that he and a potential accomplice, Marc Ian Highley, had rented in early April to house stolen goods. Read is still in jail, according to the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department.

Read had previously been arrested in February 2018 for fraud and vehicle theft after allegedly buying a Mercedes with stolen personal information.

Neither Moore nor her representatives have commented on the incident.

Moore has been featured inEmpire, G.I. Jane,and Indecent Proposal. Her latest projects include the upcoming filmsLove SoniaandCorporate Animals