Lena Dunham, producing partner Jenni Konner split

Posted on NOV 26, 2018

The decision comes as their joint overall deal with HBO is expiring.

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, who executive produced HBO'sGirls series together, are dissolving their producing partnership,Varietyreported.

The decision comes as their joint overall deal with HBO is expiring. Konner and Dunham produced the upcoming seriesCamping, starring Jennifer Garner, also for HBO, and the channel is reportedly pursuing individual deals with both producers.
"We have had one of the most significant relationships together in our adult lives and we respect each other's choices," Dunham and Konner said in a joint statement. "While our interests are pulling us in different directions right now, we are excited about our current work and are firmly committed to the projects we have together. HBO has been our home for quite some time and we look forward to continuing there as we both move forward."

The pair are reportedly not ruling out rekindling their partnership in the future and split ahead of the December expiration of their HBO deal becauseCamping has finished filming its first season of eight episodes. A premiere date for the series has not yet been revealed.

Konner and Dunham are also working on a feature film together, though details about that project have not yet been released.