'Star Wars' franchise to surpass $4 billion and 'Last Jedi' $1 billion by the New Year

Posted on JUL 05, 2019

The 'Star Wars' franchise is expected to surpass the $4 billion mark by the New Year, meaning Disney will see back the price it spent to buyout Lucasfilm.

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedidirected by Rian Johnson is in line to be the 32nd film to hit the $1 billion mark in revenue, and reports say it most likely will happen by New Year's Eve.

WhenJ.J. Abrams' Episode VII:The Force Awakensreleased in Dec. 2015 it shattered many records grossing $2 billion globally and bringing home$936.7 million in North America.
The franchise's first standalone filmRogue One: A Star Wars Story directed by Gareth Edwardsmade $1 billion as well after its global release in Dec. 2016.

With those numbers combined, Disney has made back-- in worldwide ticket profits alone-- the $4.06 billion it spent to buy the rights to Lucasfilm,the Star Warsfranchise original production house created by George Lucas.

While this is a great achievement for the franchise and for Disney, the numbers don't take into consideration the money spent to produce and market the three new films. Nor does it take into account other forms of revenue such as ancillary revenue, merchandising sales, or theme park attractions.

The Lucasfilm purchase followed Disney's 2009 acquisition of Marvel Entertainment and its 2006 purchase of Pixar.The Hollywood Reporterstates that thisconglomerate of companies, along with Disney's own live-action division and Disney Animation, has put Walt Disney Co. in line to become the most successful film studio in Hollywood, led by chief Alan Horn.

And with Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger recently settling the $52.4 billion acquisition of major parts of 21st Century Fox, including the 20th Century Fox film and television studios, there is probably more success in store for the studio